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Are you just a little mystified by how you keep repeating the same patterns, especially the ones you don’t want to repeat?

Does it feel like sometimes autopilot just takes over and takes you to the same old place, and you’re not really sure how you even got there?

Or is the noise inside your head so loud, so persistent, so demanding that you just can’t even think, much less make the choices and decisions you want to make?

You can’t understand why it’s so hard.

You’re smart, you’re aware, you’re talented…so what’s the problem?

Why do you feel like a puppet?

Is it a lack of focus, willpower or determination?


You have hidden and outdated beliefs. They come from a time in your past. They served you well at one time (like when you were 5 or 15) so they became your default programing.

THOSE beliefs are the ones that are driving your behavior. They’re the puppet master.

But you probably don’t even know that they are there, so that’s why it feels so hard to make changes.

Maybe you think you can just be more disciplined…but that just creates a lot more drama and struggle. It feels like driving with your tires out of alignment – because you ARE out of alignment. It is virtually impossible to change our behavior without changing our beliefs. It’s like that toy, the Chinese Finger Trap. The more you struggle, the more stuck you get.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  It is truly optional. You have choices. You don’t have to believe that old shit. It just doesn’t serve you anymore.

You take control back when you make the decision to go find the hidden beliefs and update them to ones that do serve you today.

Did you know that you can actually decide what to believe?

Imagine believing that you are capable of living the life that you want, fulfilling your potential, living your purpose and behaving how you want to behave?

Choosing the beliefs that serve you so that you can be your best self and live your best life is magical – and who doesn’t want a little magic?

As you can tell by the title in my logo, I’m a coach. I’m an intuitive life coach and I help people find their own hidden and outdated beliefs and upgrade them to create their own magic.

Check out the blogs page or the books, and if you’re interested, let’s have a conversation.


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