Your Leadership Palette
is YOUR Unique Ladder to Success

What's Your Story?
Hey! Are you a smart, ambitious, talented woman who has been standing by watching others live the life that she wants? Are you surprised that after all this time, you still find yourself answering to your boss? Are you flummoxed that you just can’t seem to get ahead at your job - that they just keep looking past you for that promotion? Are you beginning to wonder if the success and leadership opportunities you want are things that belong to someone else? Then I am talking to you!
Where are you now?
Why aren’t you where you want to be? Are you an introvert who has trouble putting yourself out there? Are you just a little mystified by how you keep repeating the same patterns, over and over? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a man’s world with antiquated beliefs? Do people not see the real you and your potential? Do you feel like you need to leave a toxic work environment in order to get the promotion or recognition you desire?
Where do you want to be?
You daydream about what you would do if you were the leader. You just KNOW that you could have handled that situation better. You just itch to spread your wings and fly - and you want to take your team with you! You really, really want to make a difference! You know that there is an authentic, caring, capable leader inside of you. You just need the right role! And maybe a little help in getting there...
Create Your Plan
Your Leadership Palette is the plan to step into your next big role. Through 1:1 coaching sessions, you will design a personalized plan - because there is no one size fits all here. We'll focus on confidently communicating your strengths as well as developing the areas that may need more attention so that you are ready to authentically step into the leadership role you have always wanted.
Take Action!
But Wait! First You Have to Begin
If you don't start, you aren't going to go anywhere. Nothing will change if you don't make a change. So take the first step - that's what leaders do! Schedule an exploratory call to see if this program is a fit for you. It's free, and you are guaranteed to come away with something that you can use, no matter what you decide!
Take Action!

Leadership Palette Program

How does this work?
Plan Your Promotion

In this 9-week program we will create your personal plan to take you to the next level in your career. First, we’ll assess where you are. Next, we’ll get really clear on where you want to be. Next, we’ll look at the gap and then we build a plan to bridge the gap.

The plan is your Leadership Palette. It includes how to:

  • Own the strengths, skills and experience you already have
  • Find what you need to learn, add or develop 
  • Stop it! If you’ve been sabotaging your success
  • Address any habits or behaviors that need attention
  • Have confidence to communicate what you want and why you’re the one
  • Build in support all along the way

In other words, in 9 weeks, you’ll have a plan to be the person who gets the next big leadership role.

1:1 Coaching

9 weekly individual coaching sessions to guide you through all of the steps to build your  plan! You’ll have access to recordings and all of the program materials.

Color Thinking™

We will use a new coaching modality, Color Thinking™, as explained in the book The Rainbow Onion: the Transformative Power of Color Thinking.

Your Personal Leadership Palette

Your color palette represents the strengths, attributes, skills and beliefs that make up your authentic leadership profile. It's foundational to your plan.

Color Thinking™ is one of the tools we use

Color Thinking™ is a new coaching modality. Color is a visual language with layers and layers of meaning. Neuroscience tells us that over 50% of our brain is dedicated to processing visual information. Color Thinking™ combines the success principles of coaching, the language of color and insights from neuroscience to help us rapidly make changes in our beliefs and behavior. Color Thinking™ is a fantastic tool for becoming an authentic leader – for all of the same reasons that Color Thinking™ works for personal development: it's quick, effective, 100% personal and fun! We will develop a custom palette of colors that represent specific leadership attributes: the ones you have and want more of, the ones you don't have and want, and the ones that you want to stop. Color Thinking™ is one of many tools that we will use in the program. Here are some samples for your palette:


Red represents your leadership energy. Red attributes are your passion, stability and grounding.


Olive represents feminine leadership! Olive attributes are freedom from guilt and bitterness, and tapping into your intuition.


Blue represents your leadership blueprint. Blue attributes are knowing your voice, your values and your vision.


Coral represents your loving wisdom. Coral attributes are your caring, guidance and ability to create a healthy, functioning team.


“I was a bit hesitant going into this as I have never worked with a coach before, however it was a truly rewarding experience. Having to check in with Maggie every week and being willing to speak openly and honestly helped me focus on accountability. I began to look at not only my career but my entire lifestyle in more meaningful ways. It was empowering to realize that my life is mine to control, I’m not helpless, and truly there is nothing that I cannot accomplish. This was a genuine life and career altering endeavor and I couldn’t have done it without the guidance and wisdom Maggie shared. Her true gift is helping us unlock the greatest tool we have at our disposal, our minds.”
Tabitha Parsons
Manager & Entrepreneur
"As a podcast host, I interview a lot of coaches and I wanted to see what that experience felt like. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and I was afraid to be as vulnerable as I thought I would have to be. When I hung up the phone after that first coaching session, I was extremely glad that I had taken the leap of faith and was being coached by Maggie. Not only did she help me work though some issues, but she helped me gain insights on how to approach the same issues from a different light. I couldn’t have asked for someone more suited to coaching than Maggie!! And when the need arises, I wouldn’t hesitate to jump back into being coached by Maggie!!"
Elaine Benoit
Podcast Host
"Maggie really helped me to see how I was choosing to think about everyday situations with a view that wasn’t the truth. She made me laugh over and over as she helped me to see how I was creating my own upset and making things about me. She gave me incredible tools to shift my view and attitude that truly lifted away the upset and irritation that I constantly had. It was like a switch was turned on and I could see it all so clearly - and with a light heart and loving attitude. Not only did Maggie create a no-judgment zone for her views of me but the best gift was that she helped me to have a much more compassionate, judgment-free zone for myself."
Tiffany Romias
2012-02-19 12.02.15_1024
"Maggie Huffman saved my bacon. I went to her with a complex issue I couldn't see to the core of, much less see a path out to the other side. She very calmly and methodically, but with an abundance of heart and soul and humor (how in the heck does she do that?) showed me how to find my own way. That's one of the big things I appreciate about Maggie—she uses her smarts and experience and intuition to show me my way. In the end, when I actually did step through the other side of that (former) problem, I felt like I had done it myself, and I had, but Maggie whispered in my ear the whole way to guide me to come home to myself. I can't recommend her highly enough."
Candace Barnes

You're gonna love this process!

And along the way you'll also...

Know Yourself As A LEADER

Gain insight into who you are, what you stand for, what you want, and what’s truly been holding you back… and put it behind you!

Repack your LEADER toolbox

Reinvest in you, identify old patterns, challenge yourself, and experiment with new ideas… and become confident in your skills!


There’s something almost magical about doing the things, taking the steps, and bravely step into the person you dream of being!

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