Why I Became a Weight Coach

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How do I have the audacity to call myself a weight coach?

It sure wasn’t an easy decision. I’m nowhere near what other people would call my ideal weight. I’ve never ever been mistaken for a fitness model.

In fact, I spent my life looking for the magic way to lose weight. Because, you know, that would make everything perfect. Anything I didn’t have was because I was fat (although I never actually said the word “fat” to myself.)

Inside my head there was non-stop noise – screaming, yelling, nagging, bitching, whining, questioning, bullying and making excuses. And this cacophony was always on the extremely boring topics of what I did or didn’t eat and how big I was.

Ironically, I also thought that I had pretty good handle on most everything else…except for that losing weight thing (hey there, Oprah!). Well, okay, and that career thing didn’t make me happy anymore. But I knew what to do about that. (I actually did.) I became a life coach, and a pretty good one, too. But I wanted to be an even better coach.

Then magic really did happen. I learned some amazing things about how the brain works – and tools to make our brains work for us, not against us. So I tried them out on myself, and…

….it got quiet.

Inside my head, it was quiet. Peaceful, even. I didn’t know how loud it had been until it got quiet. Oh my god, so much better.

And I also began to lose weight. It was work, but it wasn’t a struggle. I’m still doing it. It’s gonna be a while, and I truly believe that I’ll follow through.

So now that I know this stuff – how to get peace inside your head AND how to lose weight at the same time – how selfish would I be if I didn’t share it until I was “perfect”? I remind myself that male obstetricians do not feel the need to wait until they have a baby before they can practice, right?

So that’s the story of how and why I added “weight coach” to my title – because I have the audacity to open doors.  More on doors later….


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    I’m excited to read through your blogs and receive the emails and Vimeo’s on the Three Keys to Success strategies for Peace in my life!

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