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I used to say that the key to originality is finding an obscure source. I think that was plagiarism.

Now, I can call it “like and share”, but I do try to credit my sources.

Today, I’d like to steal some stuff borrow some good things from a 12 step program…pretty much any 12 step program will do, but I know the most about AA, so that’s my source for today (definitely not Source, thought!)

But first a note from our sponsor (sorry, just couldn’t resist) on what not to take. You’re not broken. You don’t have to think of yourself as an addict.  You don’t have to think of the rest of your life as abstinence incarnate. You’re not surrounded by slippery slopes. You don’t need to keep telling your old story. Okay?

Here are seven of my favorite takeaways:

  1. Gratitude. There is nothing that will shift your attitude (give you an attitude adjustment) like a good dose of legit gratitude.
  2. Detox. Get those toxins out of your system. Yup, you might be a bit shaky during the process, but it does pass.
  3. Rehab. When you’re in rehab, you’re only supposed to focus on one thing – your recovery!
  4. Forgiveness. Take stock of your actions, and then forgive – yourself and others.
  5. Important words, like honesty. Promises. Freedom. Happiness. Peace. Serenity.
  6. Catchy phrases that help you shift your thinking fast, like keep coming back(be persistent), fake it til you make it (act as if you’re already there), and it works if you work it (which means you’ll see results if you do the work).
  7. And my all-time fave: We will intuitively know how to handle things that used to baffle us.Because intuition.

Have any more to contribute?


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