A Shortcut Out of Being Annoyed

I was talking to an amazing client of mine yesterday (she really is, I’m not just saying that!) and we were talking about how one of her most prevalent feelings is annoyed…and how annoying it is to be annoyed when you don’t really want to be living in annoyance!

We talked about ways to change our thinking so that whatever was annoying wouldn’t annoy us (oh yes, I could totally relate to what was annoying her, which was a loud talker sharing TMI!) and it worked, but it seemed like the long way out.

I started talking a little bit ahead of my brain (or at least before I knew what I was going to say) and I said that my go to thought always starts with something like “I’m glad I’m … on the outside of her head instead of the inside.” We both laughed a little at the semi-snarkiness, and then I realized that it was true. I was glad. I was actually grateful.

And duh – cue the lightbulbs and angel choirs – gratitude is the shortcut. I mean, I know that gratitude is magical. I know it. I just hadn’t made the connection that it was a shortcut out of being annoyed…probably because I was too busy being annoyed.

Of course, I had to try it out again, and I lucked into a couple of annoying situations very quickly so that I could still remember. And guess what! It worked! Try it for yourself and let me know in the comments what you discover. I don’t know if it’s going to work on chewing noises, though…

Gratitude is magic. If you’d like another way to use gratitude for your own good, check out the Abundance Sandwich.

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