Oh Snap! My Career Is In Crisis

Oh Snap! My Career is in Crisis!

You need a strategy!

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Are you in a career crisis? Thinking, no, dreaming about changing jobs? Or
companies? Or careers? Are should I stay or should I go the lyrics for your current earworm? Or does it feel like the choice was or shortly will be made for you? Are you barely surviving the stress of your current career? Do you think work/life balance is a breed of unicorn? Maybe the life of a barista sounds incredibly appealing. Or maybe you got the big promotion, but it just wasn’t as magical as you thought it was going to be. There are lot of types of career crises…are you in one? If you think you are, you are – it’s that simple.

Your first instinct is to jump into action to fix it. STOP! You need a strategy! Don’t go update your LinkedIn profile, or email your resume to headhunters or start calling your network. Wait on all that before you create a big mess of frantic activity! The first thing you need to do is read this book!

Your career is important. It’s approximately half of your waking life. Your identity is really tightly wrapped up in what you do. Your next move should not be in reaction to what got you into your current career crisis. Your next move should be a strategic move, designed to get you where you want to be in the short, medium and long term. This book gives you a process to navigate your crisis and:

apply some immediate first-aid

get clarity on what you want

♦ open up your eyes to the real opportunities around you

♦ make choices that fit with your life

♦ craft your personal strategy and success plan

♦ get out of crisis and into inspired action

This book is a bit like a dry martini: 4 parts pure, distilled Maggie Huffman, 1 part Art of Work by Jeff Goins, with a splash of What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard N. Bolles. Most importantly, it’s shaken, not stirred.

This is Maggie Huffman’s third book in her Unlock Your Potential Series, following up her bestsellers, Whoops! I Forgot to Achieve My Potential andWTF?!? I Still Believe This Sh*t?


Great book and great writing style.
I found myself in the waiting room with Gladys Kravitz and the other patients at the Career Crisis Clinic. You will most likely identify with one of Maggie’s characters you meet in the doctor’s waiting room early on, or perhaps you suffer from some symptoms of one or more characters. Treating your career crisis like a Doctor treats a patient, allowed me to really connect with the process and the treatments (recommended actions). Maggie intersperses humor throughout and I honestly felt myself relaxing, it was going to be OK. As if all of that is not enough, her work is based on real clients and real situations. She not only wants her patients (take that as readers) to get out of the crisis but to thrive and be happy.
Ok so I thought, great another self-help book, so I dove in with an expectation of just having common sense restated, and I was quickly disappointed. Maggie writes like someone who has lived and survived in the corporate jungle and came out with wisdom and a flair for keeping me engaged through the whole journey. She does a masterful job of bouncing between corporate wisdom and career advice. It does not matter, which of the career crisis’s you are suffering from, her advice will help you find clarity and develop a strategy to put a plan in place. So do the exercises and learn what’s holding you back and where you want to go, and most of all how to get there.
Dr. Michael R. Spano

When Maggie talks, people listen. That’s because when Maggie talks, she tells it straight up, and you know she knows what she’s talking about! So in this, her third book, you will find a trustworthy guide for meeting your own career crisis with courage, curiosity, and clarity. With detailed, step-by-step guidance, lots of examples, and a comprehensive workbook, “Oh Snap!” delivers everything you’ll need to develop an actionable, living strategy – everything, that is, except the commitment I predict you’ll want to make to follow the book’s brilliant lead. Here, “strategy” becomes more than just a linear, tactically driven plan. Following the guidance in this book, you’ll create a dimensional, soul-inspired way to craft the work you’re meant to be doing, in alignment with your core vision and values.
Kimberlie Chenoweth, Author, Mentor, and Founder of The Wholeness Project™www.thewholenessproject.com

I’ve worked as a project manager for 20 years and I’ve attempted to create “project plans” for my life and career path in the past, but they never really worked.  Turns out I was missing a Strategy, my guiding star!  Thank you, Maggie, not only for the idea but for the step-by-step guidance on how to go about it.  Brilliant!
Suzanne Manker, Project Manager

Never Too Young
Although I am a young adult, and I am just starting my career, I found this book to be full of advice that currently applies to my life. It is easy to get caught up in the stress of trying to get ahead in one’s career, constantly moving from one stage immediately to the next, that one forgets to pay attention to all the other important facets of life. This book made me realize that you are never to0 young to question the path you are on, and it is important to check in with yourself and make sure you are on a path to a well-balanced life! Her book helped me to properly plan out what I want from my career so that I did not make any rash decisions or suffer from “analysis paralysis.” I would highly recommend this book to other young adults who, even though they are just starting their career, want to make sure they are on a path to a career that will complement their lifestyle.
Madison E., Graduate Student

I just love the way Maggie Huffman writes! Even the credits and biography were a pleasure to read.
The whole time I was reading this book I knew I was being coached, but it felt so comfortable. I knew the exercises would be work, but I was invited into them with such an amiable sense of humor that I was undaunted. I might actually approach my career – and my life – with a real sense of purpose again. Thanks for reminding me!
RuthE. Wells

I just finished reading Oh Snap! My Career is in Crisis, because I was curious about the title. Although I’m not currently in a career crises, I have definitely had crises in the past. What I found the most helpful in reading this book is that it’s not just a way to confront a crisis in your career but also helpful in navigating life’s changes. I found the author’s method to be simple, elegant and effective. As a career counselor, I’m going to give this to many of my clients as a practical tool.
Shirley Clauss, Career Counselor

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