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The world has changed in ways that only the science fiction writers could have imagined. It keeps coming – layer after layer after layer. If we have learned anything from these changes, we’ve learned that the old ways of thinking and being just don’t work anymore, and that we all have healing to do.

We have questions, like… whose story have I been unconsciously tellingWhere has that story taken me? How do I change it? How can I build a better life and a better world?

Color Thinking is a new language for healing. It’s a language fusion of color and thought work that allows us to access so much more than words. We go inside to explore and play and dismantle and discover and create and rebuild.

We need to peel back the old layers, just like the skin of a (rainbow colored) onion to go deeper and discover our inner wisdom and truth. It might be intense. There might be tears (onion, remember?) But the process is playful and loving and full of mixed metaphors, because when we are playing, we are open to discovering new things, new truths. This book takes you through the process of peeling your own Rainbow Onion.


I compare Maggie Huffman’s “The Rainbow Onion” to Dorothy’s ruby red slippers.  After reading it, you’ll look at colors that have always surrounded you, but you’ll see the magic hidden within them.  You’ll see them as the gift and guide that they are.  As you read, you’ll experience ‘Color Thinking’ first-hand and it will positively and powerfully boost your spirits, feelings and creativity.  Plus, it will help you to make decisions with clarity and confidence.  Yes, this book is the perfect mix of true magic, pure wisdom and practical tools you can start to apply immediately!

Mitch Matthews

Success Coach and creator of the DREAM THINK DO podcast

Author Bio:

Maggie Huffman is the founder of The Rainbow Onion and Color Thinking. She is an author, coach, and singer. She’s also a consultant in the wine industry. Her several previous careers make a colorful patchwork quilt of experiences. She’ll readily pull from any of them to make a point, help a client, or mix a metaphor.

Maggie lives in Sonoma, California (hey, someone has to do it!), where if she isn’t working or playing in the aforementioned arenas, she’s filling in the spaces with other random interests. She is (literally) surrounded by her German Shepherd, Nic, and her two cats, Bimfee and Puppy.

Maggie’s favorite color is any shade of purple. She stubbornly believes that life is good, and that reconciliation and healing are pretty much the same thing.

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