It begins with a change in perspective

I had the strangest weekend.

On Saturday, I really didn’t feel very good, so I didn’t do much. I made some soup, binge-watched a Netflix show (okay, it was Midnight Mass) and did a few minor chores. I felt really down and kinda lonely. I told myself it’s because I’ve been isolating and am not very motivated.

I woke up on Sunday, still feeling down and lonely. I went swimming. Of course I felt totally different afterwards.

I was able to remember that I have not actually been isolated at all! I had music rehearsal on Thursday night and  I’d had lunch with a friend on Friday – in person, at a restaurant! And I’d been in a writing group, then spent an hour chatting with my friend in the afternoon.

And I looked back at my week and all that I had been interested in and accomplished, and I realized that I had been pretty danged motivated.

So how did I get such a skewed perspective? I admit that when I’m feeling sick, I do tend to get a bit victim-y and blow things out of proportion, but still…

And I also know that if I exercise I will usually get my perspective back.

And then this morning, I got this message in my inbox:

The odd thing about the often long and lonely path of life, Maggie, is that when you get to the end of it and look back, you’ll find that it was neither of these.


The Universe

So yeah, I’m not at the end of my life, just Halloween weekend. But it was spooky that this message spoke so plainly to me. (Just me, right?). It’s not really spooky, it’s a reminder to me that so much is perspective, and so much is available to me if I can change my perspective.

It doesn’t end with a change in perspective, but it sure starts there.

In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,


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