Choice is Your Power

This is my first blog on this site!  I am choosing to go forward with a new career and follow my true purpose and stepping into my personal power. But more on that in later blogs! I want to start by talking about you stepping into YOUR personal power.

Choice and power are intimately related. I’m not talking about world-domination-type power, or political power, or power over other people. I’m talking about personal power.  Filling up your skin with confidence, competence, strength, purpose, authenticity and commitment.

Personal power feels good. It feels strong, in control, energized, and…well, powerful! Feeling powerless is the worst. It sucks. It feels like we’re trapped, have no say, options or choice in life, and it totally saps our energy. Ironically, it is when we are powerless that we have to muster everything we have in order to be strong enough to get through!

Choice and decision aren’t exactly the same things. You can make an intellectual decision, and have no conviction behind it. Have you ever done that? It can seem a lot like settling – and how far from powerful does THAT feel? But making a choice is different.  Choosing combines the deliberation of a decision with the intention to carry through, to make something happen.  Choice is where our power begins.

Making real choices takes practice. Sometimes we’re out of practice, or stuck, or lost, or just kinda forgot all about our power because life has happened (and we let it happen).  I’ll talk soon about the inspiration for my transformation program, Tapas for the Soul, which is all about helping us get unstuck, reclaiming our ability to choose, and taking our personal power back.

For now, I’d like to leave you thinking about the relationship between choice and personal power.  Maybe choice is really a super power!

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