Choices and Options

We all know the person who goes through life making as few choices as possible. They say “You pick, I can’t” when asked where they want to go for dinner. They don’t choose anything. Why? Who knows. They don’t! Maybe they don’t want the responsibility of making a choice that someone else doesn’t like. Maybe they don’t want to seem controlling. Maybe they want to keep their options open. Maybe they can’t commit. Maybe that even described you at some point. It definitely described my niece.

She was the one who couldn’t make a decision about anything. She blew about in the wind, letting everyone else decide things for her, because she was incapable of choosing anything, big or small. She couldn’t pick where to eat, what to do with her life, how to do her hair… she just floated day by day. Then one day she found herself pregnant – and potentially alone. She was lost and afraid. She had all kinds of decisions to make – and she just didn’t know how to make decisions. So she took the first step and made a powerful choice. Before she made any decisions, or evaluated her options, she made one choice. She chose to make all of her decisions from a place of love, not fear…and she completely stepped into her power. In a very short time, she blossomed into the person she came here to be. And in a few weeks, she chose to have the baby. She chose to work with the father on how they’ll be parents together. The story is still unfolding, and it started with one conscious choice.

We all know that a single choice can change the direction of our life. That’s easy to see looking in the rear view mirror. But how do we see it in real-time? We don’t see it; we feel it. We practice making choices until we are so good at it that making choices becomes part of who we are.

I worked with a leader who would talk about making “choiceful decisions”.   It drove me nuts. She meant to say that we should make careful, thoughtful and intentional decisions – choices! Unfortunately, she was misusing the word, because “choiceful” means pretty much the opposite. It means having lots of options from which to choose, or being fickle with your choices. Too bad, really. I like what she intended to say!

You don’t have to have options to make a choice. Wait, what? How can that be true? But it is! You might only have one thing that you can really do, one direction to go. But there is a huge difference between just doing it and fully choosing to do it.

Perhaps there is something difficult in your path. You can just slog through, let the momentum of the situation take over. Or you can make choices about how you’re going to get through to the other side. You can choose what your attitude will be, what your awareness will be, how you will present to the world. You can choose to be open to opportunities along the way.

Choice is commitment. When you choose to do something, you bring the full power of your choice and conviction and your best self to it….and that, my dear one, is your powerful self!

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