Christmas in White – Color Thinking Style

I was wondering today, as I was getting ready to write the blog that appears before Christmas, “In the world of Color Thinking, what’s a good color for THIS Christmas?”  The melody for White Christmas started playing in my head, and I thought, “no, that’s too obvious!”

Come on, say it with me. “Is it, though?”

Actually, it’s perfect, just perfect. Last week I found that I was craving pure white yarn to crochet a blanket – the whitest white I could find. Hmmm.

The shadow themes of white perfectly fit the challenges of the season. We feel overly responsible, especially for how others feel and experience the season. We are frantic and busy and unsupported, and are often torn between multiple obligations. We can’t see the signs and feel the joy that we want to feel. We can feel guilty, carrying the mistakes of the year on our shoulders. We can be burdened by sadness and loss and grief for the people who aren’t with us, for the changes the past couple of years have brought.

We can be overwhelmed, and we just crave the radiant aspects of white. The image of a white Christmas includes snow – lots of snow. And what do we like about the snow in a white Christmas? I know I love how the snow gives the world a clean slate, gently covering and softening both the landscape and the soundtrack.

We want a clean slate, we want a fresh start. We’d love to feel and believe in innocence again. We want to play in the snow, gliding and sliding with ease. We want to feel the softness and experience the peace of a walk in a forest white with snow.

How can we bring in those radiant aspects of white that we crave so much? Here are some ideas:

Surround yourself with white – like the white blanket I wanted to make so badly!

Turn the lights up brighter for a few hours. I know I crave bright light this time of year – white light. Light some white candles.

Add in white food, flowers, spices and scents that you associate with white.

And here are some thoughts to focus on:

I am good. I am inherently good.

I look for and see the goodness, innocence and love all around me.

I am responsible for myself and my own actions, as is every other adult.

If I am sad or grieving, it is because I love deeply.

And a couple of actions:

If you think that you have too much to do, choose to do the most important first. If you don’t get it all done, forgive yourself.  Yes, you can.

Make time for a walk in nature – even if there isn’t snow. Visualize the soft quiet, the scent of pine or fir, the sharp cold when you breathe in. You can create that space you crave by visualizing it.

Share some moments of peacefulness with someone by just being with them.

In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,



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