don’t worry about how – just grab your board and ride the wave

I have two really big ideas going on that I am going to accomplish in 2020. They are actually kind of overwhelming to me in their bigness. I could spin out trying to figure out how I’m going to get them done – and the truth is, I don’t know how yet. But if I stopped just because I don’t know yet, it would be a tragedy.

My coach is a big fan of these two ideas, so he told me, “Don’t let the ‘how’ wrestle you to the ground! Grab your board and ride the wave.” I like that, so I’m sharing it.

This week, we are going to talk about the ‘how’ just enough that you can put that pesky, nagging thought (“Yeah, but how?!?!?“) to bed for a long winter’s nap.

I know that I’ve been asking you to dream about what you want more of – although you don’t know how you’ll do it. In fact, I’ve even said not to think about it for now. Let me explain why we are doing it this way.

If you try to figure out how to do something that you don’t really believe is possible, you will fail. If you try to figure out how to do something that you believe is possible, you will succeed.

As Henry Ford said (more succinctly), “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.”

So before we can even begin to think about ‘how’, we’ve got to get ourselves believing that it’s possible for us to have what we really want – really believing. Otherwise, we’re just gonna imagine reasons why it can’t happen.

That’s why we’re choosing something that we already have and want more. We can believe that if we have some it’s possible to have more.

That’s also why we’re spending so much time dreaming. I’m sure you’ve noticed how real some of these daydreams feel. In fact, the more we dream, the more real our dreams seem – because our brain really doesn’t distinguish between real and imaginary.

And the more we experience the dreams, the more they become believable as future reality. Beliefs are just thoughts we’ve thought so many times that we believe they are true!

So that’s why we are spending the month of December dreaming in our container and charging up our talisman. We are creating new beliefs.

So don’t worry about the how. Keep building the believing, until it just seems inevitable. Then the how just becomes a bunch of details.

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light, Maggie



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