Graduation Thursday

I recently graduated from Miracle Minded Coach training with Marianne Williamson.

And I made a big mistake.

I didn’t tell many people. I didn’t make an announcement. I didn’t even make a big deal about it to myself.

Why is that a mistake?

Because it IS a big deal.

It was months of personal and professional growth. It was time spent intentionally becoming better at what I do. It was a life event.

Keeping it to myself is a way of playing small. Being reserved. It’s a way of hiding.

That’s really true. I’ve had two professions for the last ten years or so. One is a coach, as you all know me here. The other is an IT executive and consultant in the wine industry. I’ve kept them pretty separate, hiding one part of my life from the other.

Frankly, it’s been exhausting, and it got in the way of embracing my crossover life.

So I decided to graduate again. In August, I’m graduating from consulting. Yup.

And I am coming out as a Leadership Coach for spiritual women (okay, people – but mostly women). It does feel like coming out because I have been hiding the different parts of me for so long – because “leadership coach” and “spiritual” are not usually put together in the same sentence – and especially not in STEM or male dominated industries (like, you know, IT and wine.)

Not to mention this whole Color Thinking thing – what kind of wackadoodle stuff is that? (Okay, yes, there is science behind it, but it takes a while to get that.)

And I’m continuing to study with Marianne for a whole year!

I’m telling you this because it feels really good to decide not to play small – or compartmentalized – anymore. But enough about me…

Is there something you’d like to declare? To share? To stop keeping in a closet? What do you need to be able to live your best crossover life?

Love and acceptance? You’ve got it!

In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,



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