Hey Brain – This is What I Think of You!

I love to think about my brain. I love to find metaphors and analogies for how my brain works. Of course, this is all based on the fact that I know that I am not my brain, any more that I am my body. Both my brain and my body are amazing. But they are tools or things that are here to serve me… and I have a big responsibility to take care of them.

My brain is really powerful. (So is yours!) It is amazing. But it isn’t perfect. I use these stories to remind me some of the ways it isn’t perfect. Sometimes….

…my brain is a toddler. It throws a tantrum when it doesn’t get what it wants. Sometimes I have to let it just kick and scream until it’s exhausted. Sometimes I have to distract it. No matter what, I can’t give in, because then it learns that the tantrum works.

…my brain is a five-year old who wants to make me breakfast in bed. It’s trying very hard to show me that it loves me. The mess in the kitchen wasn’t malicious! So well intentioned, but wow, so wrong. And messy – yikes!

…my brain is thirteen and chatty as hell. It says the most ridiculous things because, you know, peer pressure and social media and stuff. And volatile. And loud. And insecure. And inquisitive. And hormonal and all over the place.

… my brain is a seventeen. It really wants to think that it is all grown up and ready to go out on it’s own and be in charge. Which is so cute that I have to hide my giggles. But it’s not. I’m still in charge and I need to remember that. I’m responsible for our welfare, not the other way around.

… my brain is a laptop. It runs on the operating system that’s available. It’s doing what it’s programmed to do.  If I don’t maintain it – empty the recycling, charge the battery, keep the screen and keyboard clean – it’s going to really bog things down. And if I don’t take the upgrades, its going to stop being able to do what I need it to do!

But I really do love you, Brain! Thank you for all that you do. I promise to take good care of you!

So what do you think about your brain?

Love and light,



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