Is it too late?

dream bimfyNo, this isn’t just a shameless kitten picture opportunity. There’s a story here, and it is related to the “Is It Too Late?” topic.

Twenty years ago, I fell in love with the picture of this kitten. You can tell, because I scanned the actual picture (it was on a card) and the edges are all yellow with age. I kept this card taped inside my headboard – not because of what was written inside, because of the kitten.

Yes, I am a cat person. And a dog person. And a horse person. Well you get the picture. But this kitten really, really spoke to me. “Someday, I’ll find you…” I had cats at the time and I’ve had cats since. Love them all. And yet, whenever I looked at this picture, I got all gooey inside.

One day, a couple of years ago, my friend Kathy said that she’d found some abandoned kittens. They were really young, and needed to be fed during the day. So she brought them into work. There was this tuxedo kitten. This exact one. I told her about my dream kitten and that I just knew he was destined to live at my house.

“Nope, sorry. He’s special and he’s mine.” She went on to tell me all about him, how he was really a flying squirrel, how cute and loving and special he was – which I already knew, of course.

“Well, when you change your mind, I’m ready. “ “Won’t happen. Sorry.”

Bimfee kittenFast forward two weeks or so. Kathy’s reigning cat, Ginger, could not stand the little guy. She was mean to him, but also so upset that she hid and didn’t eat. With great (and VERY dramatic) sorrow, Kathy told me that I would have to take him. I graciously and giddily got ready for her to bring him to my house.

So Bimfee is the most special cat in the world for me. (Shhh. Please don’t tell the others, I don’t want them to feel slighted). He’s the one (the cat one, anyway) I’ve really waited for all my life. He’s my familiar. I did not believe that there was such a thing, until Bimfee.

How that ties in to the question: Is it too late? I suppose that it would have seemed somewhat reasonable to think, somewhere in those twenty years, that this was really just a nice picture of a very cute kitten. Or that I could just get any ol’ tuxedo kitten next time I was kitten shopping. Or not. And just give up on my dream kitty. I mean, it wasn’t like I was cat deprived or anything.

But I didn’t. I hung on. And I was able to recognize my dream Bimfee the minute I saw him. And even when I was told “nope”, I hung on to the dream. And it came true, my dream.

So I read a whole lot into this story. It is never to late for your dreams to come true. You just need to hold on to them so that you can see and recognize them when they show up.

thumb_img_3311_1024Bimfee says:   3[0qaggvij@3*ojlhooijp. I thought that meant he wasn’t all that good at typing, but a friend recently pointed out that it is probably exactly what he meant to say. Hmmm.


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