It’s November. EEEK.

It’s November. EEK. Why eek? Whell*, the holidays are coming (OMG so much to do!), 2015 is almost over (OMG what have I even done this year?), 2016 is right around the corner (OMG what will I do next year) et cetera et cetera.

Autumn brings harvest and celebrations and family stuff and warm, fuzzy sweaters and foggy mornings and lots and lots of memories. With all those things there can be the warm fuzzy side and the more difficult side – even with sweaters (think: wet wool smell).

Autumn also begins a time of reflection. One of the most prominent questions is “is it too late?”** Too late to make good on my goals for the year, too late for hand-made presents, too late to get a new job, too late to sneak in one more long weekend this fall, too late for______. In truth, we are always asking ourselves whether or not it’s too late. Is it too late in the day/week/month/year to ____. No matter how young we are or how old we think we are, we wonder if it is too late to make a change (majors, schools, professions, relationships, houses, churches, friends, appearance, habits, vices, and the list goes on.) Those can be hard but important questions, and we can get stuck without finding a clear and honest answer.

One advantage to this season is that it is a time of reflection, and we also focus on our personal priorities. Knowing what is important to us is a vital component to be able to answer the question: Is it to late?

Don’t believe me? Look at the formula for any Hallmark Channel Movie (especially the holiday themed ones!)

1. Heroine (or hero) is going along just fine in life. They think they are happy.

2. Something big happens and completely messes up that life.

3. They wake up and begin examining their options, which look pretty dismal.

4. They make stupid decisions and things get even more messed up.

5. The holidays come along, and they realize what’s really important!

6. They come to their senses, achieve magical clarity, make the right choices and live happily ever after.

See? That’s evidence, right? I just can’t get enough. I watch tons of them each fall.

Sounds too simple. Of course, it is. But there are some profound elements of truth in that formula. Can you spot them? I have a feeling that’s the outline for one of my next books.

For now, I want to wish you a wonderful November, and I hope that it is a head start on understanding what is truly important TO YOU! That’s where the magic lives.

*I just made this up. It’s my WTH version of WTF.

** Top secret spoiler alert: The answer is “it depends.”

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