It’s So Damned Loud in Here

I have to confess. I don’t really like bars. Or festivals. They are so loud. I can’t hear myself think.

There are so many people with all of their emotions and insecurities and body language and voices… that couple over there fighting… that insecure girl talking herself into starting a conversation… that child shouting because she doesn’t want to (okay, probably not in the bar)… that bully over there trying to make himself feel better… that mom telling her daughter to stop slouching and get off her phone and that she doesn’t need the fries… that pompous ass pontificating over there….and and and. It’s just so loud. I’m miserable.

Wait. All of that was going on inside my own head. Seriously. I remember each of those voices – and more. And ugh. All they are talking about is me. Me. My bad choices. My inability to make good choices. My track record of choices. What people think of me. What people might think of me. What if I? Should I? why did I? OMG, did I really?

And even more embarrassing, most of the conversation was about food. Or my weight. Seriously, like that is worth talking about non-stop at high volume? Does everyone need to weigh in on the topic? Shut the F*ck Up!

I truly did not know how noisy, how relentless it was in there, until it stopped.

I didn’t know how wonderful the peace and quiet could be.

For me, I pretty much had to take the topic of food off the table. (For you, it might be a different topic.) And to do that, I had to reduce the number of micro-decisions I asked my brain to make in the moment – because that crowd really loves to weigh in on every decisions. Everyone’s got an opinion.

So 14 months ago, I started planning what I was going to eat ahead of time. Super simple, but incredibly effective. No decision = no conversation. Magic.

I’ve included a planning component in my new peaceful weight loss program, because quiet is a vital component. That’s why peace and quiet go together

How much noise do you have going on in your head? Do you even know?


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