Let go just a little

I’ve been seeing a pattern. When I see a pattern, I can’t ignore it. Well, I can but I’ve learned that I shouldn’t…or else the message just gets louder until I really can’t ignore it. So I guess that means I should talk about it.

Here’s what I’m seeing: We all want things. Some of us know exactly what we want, some of us are trying to figure that out.

When we finally figure it out, we begin to dream about what it will be like when we get there.

We get very specific with our vision, and we try to engineer that precise outcome.

Nothing else will do. It must be that exact vision.

We get sucked into a vortex of black or white thinking. No shades of grey or orange or any other color. There’s “exactly what we want” and nothing else.

We become control freaks; Universal control freaks (hee hee). We lose our creativity as well as our objectivity. We become blind to any other possibilities or opportunities.

Maybe you think what you want is precisely what you want. I would like to suggest that maybe what you really want is to feel how you think you will feel when you get what you want. That’s the true result you want, isn’t it? That feeling?

Maybe, just maybe, there’s another way to get that feeling. There could be, right?

Open up to the possibility a little bit.

Let go of the control just a little.

Leave the door open just a crack and let in a little bit of light.

You’ll be surprised how many colors and shades and hues appear with just a little bit of light – it’s not all black and white anymore.

I am not saying that it isn’t absolutely fabulous to know what you want – it is! And it is also powerfully effective to visualize it in great detail and make it so real that you believe in your ability to have what you want.

I just want you to dream in technicolor!

Here’s a little doorstop that you can use to keep the door propped open a little bit.

“This or something better.”

Try adding it as a tagline to your dream.

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!




p.s. It’s 2019. Lots of people set lots of goals, and you know what’s going to happen in a couple of months, right? There’s a different way to approach goals – one based on starting from a peaceful foundation, which is a lot like getting a thought alignment. If you want to talk about it, email me (maggie@talktomaggie.com) or schedule a free mini session with me (here). A mini session is a short coaching session, where we can talk about the noise that’s holding you back and what you can do about it. We can set you up to succeed without struggling! You have time!

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