liar, liar

Lies we tell ourselves.

I’m not very patient. This from the one who took care of her quadriplegic brother for years…letting him do things on his own when it would be so much quicker and easier to do things for him. From the one who has long, curly hair that needs to be unsnarled every morning.

I’m not good with details. Yet I notice 99% of other people’s grammatical mistakes and misplaced apostrophes (and 1% of my own, making a perfect 100%.) I quit a book if there are too many continuity errors. I love Moroccan designs.

I’m not a thinker. That one is just to silly to even bother responding.

I’m lazy. But I swim several times a week. I haven’t missed a blog in years. I tenaciously stuck with a project for 7 years to get some major software build and implemented.

I’m shy. Unless I’m excited about something, or I see an injustice, or I’ve had a shot of tequila.

There are more, but that’s enough to make my point.

An interesting and possibly helpful question: why do I tell myself these lies? Certainly not to motivate me. They aren’t particularly harmful (except maybe the lazy one).  Here are a few possible answers: to make things simple, to give myself an excuse when I want one, because they fit once upon a time.

The truth is, I’m patient when I want to be. I care about some details, not all. But I’m also a big picture person, a strategist. A strategic thinker. I’m full of energy about things that strike my passion, and I’m lazy when I think my effort will be wasted. I’m an introvert who can sometimes be outgoing, but needs to recharge with some major alone time.

Here’s another question: What are some misconceptions you’re hanging on to about yourself?

And a bonus round: what simple little untruths about someone else am I holding onto?

In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love, and light in the pages,


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