More celebrating, please

Last week I celebrated writing the 200th official blog post of this very particular blogstream.

I feel like continuing on the theme of celebration, because, well…I feel like it. And it’s the season.

Every Monday at noon, I join this group called “Shut Up and Write” led by the incomparable Stella Orange. It’s a group of writers who commit to come together virtually and devote that hour to our personal writing practice – whatever that looks like.

Stella kicks us off with some thoughts, guides us to find ourselves in our bodies and then we just shut up and write. We’re all on mute, but we’re still together.

I love it, and I’ve moved my blog writing from being a solo activity on Saturday mornings to a Shut Up and Write group activity.

And today, Stella kicked it off by announcing that it’s the season of celebration.

By decree.

And I agree.

The thing about celebrating is that you have to look around and recognize what should be celebrated…what NEEDS to be celebrated.

Sure, you can just celebrate for no reason, but it’s so much more juicy to celebrate something – a joy, a person, an event, an accomplishment.  To actually look for something ripe for celebration, to pick it up, and to enthusiastically jump in and dance – that’s definitely the best. Maybe even throw in a little anticipation and preparation occasionally.

As I look around for things to celebrate, I see amazing graduates who have persevered in a time like no other.

I see long days and warm nights here in the northern hemisphere.

I see an opening up again, and an almost endless opportunity to hug people I haven’t seen for a year. I’ve actually seen the full smiles of people I’ve known for a year but until now have only seen the smile in their eyes. And PRIDE year round!

There are births and birthdays, lives, memories and anniversaries to celebrate. There are gifts to give, dances to dance, meals to share, flowers to smell, hikes and naps to take…so many ways to celebrate. What are some of your favorites?

Celebration magic is super powerful. Like glitter – a little goes a long way and it gets on everything.

—Meg Alexander

As we adjust to the new reality of whatever opening up looks like, I hope that you are able to use celebration as a magical healing potion, because there is no better antidote to stress and anxiety than joy!

Oh, and live music is coming back. Live music is coming back. Live music is coming back!

In the meantime, remember these things: You are loved. We are all loved. Let’s all be kind. And in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,



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