Outsourcing isn’t swearing for me now

When I was in corporate land, I hated the word “outsourcing” because I really didn’t like the impact outsourcing our IT department had on corporate life.

Now that I’m not there anymore, I’ve got a new take, a new definition, and a correction.

First, there’s the correction: I now talk about “OutSourcing”. I think it’s pretty clever.  Of course I do – I get my own stuff.

The corporate definition: handing stuff that was expensive to do in-house (aka correctly) to people in a far away land who got paid very little (with a big spin on the cost of living story), knowing that the service level was going to be less than needed (but who cares because we’re saving money and creating shareholder value). Yes, lots and lots of cynicism, and yes, “outsourcing” was a swear word to me, because it was a total perversion of a good concept. It makes lots of sense to focus on what lines up with your priorities, and hire qualified people to do the rest.

My new definition: handing things over to Source to handle, knowing that Source is waaay more qualified than I am to handle those particular things. Some of those things are figuring out how my life is going to play out, how exactly my dreams will come true and my goals will become reality.

What this means to me is that I can trust that things will be handled well. I don’t need to know HOW they will be handled before I can trust and believe they WILL be handled, because I trust Source has my back. Always. Better than I do. Even when I can’t see the how yet.

So I can believe that things are possible even before I can see how it’s gonna happen. Before I know what action I’m going to have to take. Or what help I’m going to need to accept. Before I see the detailed action plan.

I don’t need to know how before I can believe. What a relief. Outsourcing done right.

And remember, in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,



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