Pink Thinking

Here’s another hue in the color thinking series. I’m really having fun with this! Pink is at the request of a friend down under.

Pink is a gentle color, full of light. It is full of feminine Mother energy.

Pink brings unconditional love, self-acceptance, caring, compassion, open-mindedness and acceptance of others. It allows us to be vulnerable.

When do we need Pink Thinking? We need it when we find we are being exceptionally hard on ourselves, judgmental of others, living in the critical, and surrounded by negativity. We need pink thinking when we notice that we are feeling shame, blame, guilt, hurt, self-pity and defensiveness about ourselves, or anger, resentment, judgment towards others.

We might need pink thinking when we find ourselves totally delighting in telling a negative story or a bit of juicy gossip – not that that would ever happen.

So how does pink thinking work? Well, first off, pink thinking takes just a bit of work, because when we are thinking harsh, critical and judgmental thoughts we have to step outside of them to be able to notice and change those thoughts. We can’t allow ourselves to steep in blame, shame, guilt and hurt.

We have to choose to think differently. To think pink, we have to ask ourselves questions about our perspective, and we have to be honest with the answers we find so that we can change our perspective.

Some wonderful pink questions are:

What thoughts are more accepting and compassionate?

How can I look at this situation in a way that is more supportive and less judgmental?

What can I think and believe that will make me feel less critical of myself or someone else?

What would unconditional love do in this situation? How can I be that love?

What do I already believe that is in line with pink? Remember and reaffirm, because really, you are loving and compassionate.

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!



BTW – the color wisdom I use is based on Aura Soma.

p.s. What colors would you love to think? If you’d like a coach to help you, send me an email and we can set up a time to talk:

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