The Importance of Self-Care – again!

These Ted Talks share the scientific reasons for taking care of yourself.

It seems that in our society, we need to have a scientific reason as justification. Many of us are so prone to feel guilty for taking care of ourselves that we just don’t do it. As if we don’t deserve to take care of ourselves, or as if it’s selfish and deprives someone else of our attention.

Really, doesn’t it make more sense to think that if we are healthy, we are at our best? That means we have more to offer our family, friends, community, work and the world. Makes sense, right? And “healthy” means physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually healthy – the whole package.

Here’s a really convenient TED Talk playlist on self-care.

And here is a fun blog from John Parrott, 15 great quotes on self-care  –

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