The languages of color

Here’s little background on the color thinking series.

Colors are a very profound language for us. Color thinking is actually thinking in a different language, so that we can have a different perspective. We have to change things up if we want to see a change, right?  As with any language, there are nuances and dialects and differences.

One level of the color language is pretty universal. We associate some colors with the things that are that color (sunshine, bodies of water, grassy fields, forests and trees, weather events, flowers, fruit and foods, etc.) and the relationship these things have with our life force. This level is part of an energetic language, as color is light – so color is vibration.

Another level of the color language is symbolic, which can be heavily influenced by our culture. Colors can have very different meanings from one culture to another. Take orange, for example. In many western cultures, orange is symbolic of curiosity and creativity. In some middle eastern cultures, it is a symbol of mourning. In the Ukraine, it is a symbol of courage. For some other examples, check out this article.

Another level is emotional. It is personal and based on your life experiences, events and memories – all of which have an emotional memory. Think about yellow. What does yellow mean to you? What’s the first thing you think of when you think of the color yellow? Does yellow remind you of sunshine and flowers? The color of your mother’s hair? A dress you wore in the summer during high school? The color of your kitchen in your first apartment?

So…the language of color is as complex as any language made of words. We use our hearts, our eyes, our memories and our brains to communicate with color. We medicate with color – we select colors because they make us feel a certain way. We create, heal, attract, repel, announce, represent…we do so many things with color.

The color thinking series is my attempt to share a powerful tool to use in thought work. It doesn’t hurt that it is fun and free, right?

Here’s something fun to do: What’s your favorite color? Investigate it. Why is it your favorite color? How does it make you feel? What does it mean to you? What memories do you have? What associations do you make? How can you use it to influence your thinking, problem solving, emotional life?

Share in the comments if you’d like! Please!

I’ve been speaking about one color at a time here, but there are infinite combinations available. Why do we love a rainbow, a garden with lots of different flowers, or the northern lights? Variety. Diversity. Adventure. Complexity. And so much more…

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!



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  1. Christopher September 8, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    There’s a boatload of ideas to comment on in this post, but I’ll keep it simple for now. My fave color is yellow. It makes me feel happy and secure. Maybe a little bit stronger, too. No surprise, but along with white, I associate yellow with light and so, probably to some extent, consciousness. I think this color “lightens” (haha) my spirit and lifts me up. I suppose I could use it more intentionally to do so and will have to give that a try. Never thought of it before. I don’t think a lot about colors, except to notice their conspicuous absence in so much of daily life. (Men’s clothing? So drab!) Your series is opening my eyes, however. Thanks, Maggie!


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