Three Little Words to Add to Your Wardrobe

Three little words to tell yourself: I do hard.

Do you know what kind of magic can happen when you tell yourself those three little words? I think they are as powerful as the other three little words.

Let’s go into the dressing room and try them on. How do they fit? Are they comfy and cozy and snuggly? No? Well I wouldn’t think so. Because they are made out of strong stuff, a bit stiff – like a brace, or a great bra or a piece of armor or something that makes you stand up straight and be able to deflect arrows or something.

How do they look on you? Have you ever worn something like this before? Come on, think. Have you ever done something that was hard? Have you ever surprised yourself by your strength and tenacity? Oh, way more than you realized! You’ve got some evidence going on that they’re a good fit.

How do you feel wearing them? Strong? Brave? Determined? Focused? In charge? Yes, that’s a very good look on you. You can pull this off.

You don’t need to wear them all day, every day. Unless you want to – because you’re in charge here. But like rain boots, they can sure come in handy when you find yourself feeling cold and uncomfortable and a bit scared of the storm… when you’re thinking that something is hard.

Let’s make sure you’re trying on the right size and color for you. I do hard. I can do hard. I want to be the person who can do hard. I’m willing to do hard things. Which one looks the best on you?

A nice staple to have in your closet, don’t you think? Why don’t you try it on?


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