What’s this peace thing you keep talking about?

Almost two years ago now, I had a major moment. Life changing.

It didn’t come with a trumpet fanfare nor an angelic chord.

It wasn’t in some glamorous place after a bunch of soul searching.

It was in a coffee shop in SoCal talking to my sister.

I was telling her about some changes I had made in my lifestyle. She said I seemed different, and she wanted to know all about it, because, you know, she loves me and was interested. It was the first time I’d talked about it out loud.

Sometimes I learn what I’m thinking by talking.

I told her that the best thing was that my mind was quiet. Just quiet. There wasn’t a lot of bickering and bantering going on. Should I or shouldn’t I. Endlessly debating a decision and feeling guilty in advance then berating myself.

I hadn’t even known that was my normal noise level until it stopped.

Peace is a quiet mind.

I reveled in the peace and quiet for a month or two. I began to trust that it was going to stick around. I began to trust myself more.

From that peaceful place, I started making more changes. Setting goals and achieving them. Setting bigger goals – like getting my Life Coaching certification, relaunching my coaching practice, and now becoming a Master Coach. Setting smaller goals and pretty much just knocking them out without drama.

The life changing moment was when I realized that the noise was completely optional. I didn’t have to struggle. I didn’t need my brain to motivate and nag me – in fact I was better off without it!

My noise just happened to be mostly around food. At another time in my life it would have been around something else. It’s kind of entertaining that all that noise around food got in the way of the rest of my life, isn’t it?

Now that I know how powerful peace can be, I talk about it a lot. It’s the foundation of my coaching practice. I am becoming the Peace Coach.

Peace is a great foundation for doing big things, for achieving your goals – whatever they are!

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light,



If you’re interested in finding some peace for yourself, email me (maggie@talktomaggie.com) or schedule a free mini session with me (here). A mini session is a short coaching session, where we can talk about the noise that’s holding you back and what you can do about it. What do you have to lose? Literally!

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