What’s This Tapas for the Soul Stuff?

Five years ago I started my coaching practice. I picked the name “Tapas for Your Soul” for my company, because it really spoke to me in so many ways. I took a slight detour – in both niche and name – but I’m back to my coaching roots! I have had a few questions about the name, so I thought I’d explain in a blog!

There are two meanings to the word “Tapas” that are relevant. In Spanish cuisine, tapas are small bites or small plates, which allow you to taste many different dishes. In Sanskrit, Tapas means deep meditation in an effort to achieve self-realization. Both work for me!

In life we often behave as if we’re in our favorite restaurant.  We order the same thing over and over.  Not because we don’t like other things, we just don’t step out of our comfort zone to try new things.  It’s easier to go with our tried and true favorites. Sometimes we think we won’t like something, even if we haven’t tried it.

We get stuck. We don’t know how to get unstuck. We think we need to make big changes, but that just seems so overwhelming!

I think the key to getting unstuck is to try little bites of things that interest you. Fill up your plate with samples of things to feed your mind, heart, body, soul and spirit. Whet your appetite. Try lots of things until you find the thing(s) that really move you.  Move you forward. Feed your soul.

Life coaching is all about achieving self-realization, living our most full and best life.

Blogs are like intellectual tapas – little thought bites. I love variety, so a meal made up of appetizers is ideal. And a company made up of tapas is just plain awesome!


Schedule a free mini session with me (here) and I can help you find a bite of peace, or see if the Tapas for Your Soul Weight Loss program is for you.


Is there a topic you’d like me to address in a blog? Let me know and I’ll give it a go!

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