I’ve been talking about beliefs a lot lately.

I’ve referenced hidden beliefs. Some of my clients how to find them.  There’s a book for that. But here’s a useful shortcut, if you don’t feel like reading an entire book right now.  Hashtags were created to help us find common threads easily in a complex mass (mess?) of communication. Hey, let’s use them the way they were intended, but in your brain instead of cyberspace

What are your hashtags? Your mental or emotional hashtags? Your “go-to” phrases. Go find them. (Or ask your best friend!)

The phrase itself is not the hidden belief. It’s a short cut. Literally. There’s at least a sentence, maybe a paragraph or even a chapter behind that little phrase. There’s the gold! You’ve found all the thoughts that you don’t have to bother to say out loud to yourself anymore, because you’ve nailed it with a hashtag! There’s a whole bunch of threads there.

Those are the hidden beliefs. Now you can pull them out and look at them and decide what to do: keep, tweak, amplify, update or toss.

Not all hidden beliefs are bad, right? Some are amazing and very helpful. They deserve to come out into the light, too!

I have to admit that I caught on to this when one of my favorite people sent me an email that started out #TheResistanceIsReal. Then a client put #Overwhelm at the top of her food journal. And then #ItWorks popped up.  Yeah, when I see a pattern like this I say Thank You for the message! And definitely have to share it!


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