Listening to the Whispers in My Ear Buds

I had a truly remarkable experience today. I had a session with my coach. Yes, I have a coach. And I have a mentor. Because I believe in both.  And I need both. So back to my story before I go way off on a tangent.

I had a big breakthrough. It just might be profoundly earth shattering to me. I hope so. For the story, it doesn’t matter what it was, but let me just say that it has the potential to change the way I look at myself, and how I react when I see myself incorrectly. Yup, yup, yup. It’s up to me to do the work, I know… unless something magic comes along to make a shift. My work in this particular case is to move from passive resignation to anger. Yes, anger. Anger isn’t passive, and it doesn’t let me be resigned at all. I won’t live in anger forever, but it’s where I’m starting, because it makes me do something. Right now, it’s making me say “Bullshit!” when I find myself thinking something that isn’t true, and being angry about the programming that taught me to think untrue things. I really want to be open to seeing new truths, and believing them. I left the session feeling cautiously optimistic, which is pretty much my default state of being.

A few minutes later, I heard voices. What? Where? I found out that my ear buds were still in my phone, and something was coming through them. I put them on to see what it was, and (of course) it was music. It was in the middle of playing a Bruce Springsteen song, Thunder Road, and the lyrics right then were “Hey you, it’s me. And I want you only.” By the way, this line is pretty much a non sequitur in the song. But wow, it spoke to me, like a very personal message from Source, giving me a much needed word hug. I moved from cautiously optimistic to wildly convinced, in 20 minutes. That is way faster than I could move through by doing all the work myself, especially relying mostly on my brain and repetition to instill new thought patterns. That’s a shift. That’s my kind of magic.

Spooky thing: I didn’t put that song on my phone (probably came through family share).

OKAY! So when you are on the right track, you will get signs and signals that tell you that you are on the right track. That’s synchronicity. You just need to recognize the signs, believe the message and understand that they ARE meant for YOU. Open your eyes and ears. Listen for the whispers, or the music, or the butterflies, or whatever forms your very own signs come in.

In case you are worried about it, I’m too old and mature to be fueled by anger for a sustained period of time, so don’t worry. I know that I need something else to quickly move me along to a higher place. I think that thing I need is a shade of faith. I’m listening to the Dvorak’s New World Symphony as I write this, because it very accurately expresses the emotional ride.


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