Would You Like a Personal Assistant?

Wouldn’t you just love to have a personal assistant? Someone to do your research and prep and help you evaluate options and clean up your mind and help motivate you and gently remind you of things and suggest new ideas or whatever else you’d like help with?

Well, you have one. She’s right inside your head. Kinda like with angels, you just have to ask for help. Oh, and give her some instructions, of course.

I have one, and I call her my Intentional Assistant. She lives inside my brain.  I give her some tasks to do and tell her when I’d like them done…and it’s almost like magic. I’m not kidding. You know that you can do that, too, right?

Your brain loves to solve problems. It just needs you to give it an assignment, and it will work away in the background. You know how when you can’t remember the name of the kid who sat next to you in 5th grade, but you know your brain will wake you up at 2:00 am with the answer – it’s like that. But when you actually harness your brain for good, the power is astounding.

I start my clients out with the assignment to create their own Intentional Assistant, and the results are really wonderful. The first assignment is to watch what happens during the week, and to tee up insights before our next call. It’s amazing how many clients say that it works. Then they assign their IA the task of watching out for thought errors, or outdated beliefs or to remind them to stop being a bully to themselves or some other wonderful job.  The more she’s assigned, the more she delivers!

It’s awesome having an assistant. You should try it!


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