Yellow thinking is so brave

Here’s another hue in the color thinking series. Today we’ll talk yellow.

Yellow thinking is necessary when we are afraid and want to examine our fears.

Yellow thinking is particularly helpful when we are looking for a balance between joy and fear. That’s often a struggle, right? If something is wonderful and brings us joy, we are afraid we’ll lose it or it won’t last.  And if something causes fear, isn’t that because it is pointing out that which makes us happy?

Yellow can be a bright color – like the sun or sunflowers. We generally associate yellow with cheery things, joyful things.

Yellow represents knowledge, and carries the gifts of optimism, mental clarity, radiance, joy, happiness and a sense of self – being comfortable and happy in your own skin and in the world around you. We paint rooms yellow to create that sense of lightness and joy.

As you’ve probably noticed, every color has challenges as well as gifts, and yellow also represents fear. Think of the insult from an old western, where being called a yellow-belly meant you were a coward. The challenges that yellow offers are rational fear, anxiety, confusion and worry.

Yellow thinking is looking inside to find the knowledge that will help you find balance and see the way forward. Fear can be paralyzing. Yellow thinking breaks the paralysis.

What do I fear? What brings me joy? How are they the related? Are they the same? Why is that?

Am I thinking a specific way because I am afraid?  How can I change that? Can I balance it by choosing joy and optimism, rather than fear?

Yellow thinking is asking the question “What’s the worst that can happen?” and discovering that the answer isn’t a scenario of loss or failure.

The worst thing that can happen is that fear closes all the doors to all the possibilities.

Yellow thinking is brave thinking.

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!



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