Your dreaming container – what the heck is that?

If you’ve been hanging around coaches or mentors or spiritual teachers, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a container.

If you haven’t, you’re probably visualizing a trip to the Container Store (yay!) or a bunch of old Tupperware and mismatching lids. At least that’s where my head went when I first encountered the term.

For our purposes this month, a container is a conceptual place for you to “go” to dream. Think of it as a safe space where you can daydream without being interrupted or judged, and where your thoughts, feelings and dreams are valued.

Now if you you’re in a group setting, or even working 1 on 1 with someone, it probably makes sense that you’d want to set those kind of boundaries. But we’re talking about daydreaming – which pretty much means that you are doing it alone. So why do you need a container?

Well first, you do want to set the time aside, so that you won’t be interrupted. (It’s just 5-10 minutes!)

You also want to make the time special, so setting a physical or mental “place” where you “go” can make it become like a ritual.

And most important, you are dreaming. So you need to set some boundaries for yourself! No judging yourself, no belittling or criticizing or doubt. No killing the vibe. In fact, you need to support yourself 100% during this – you want to actively validate your thoughts, emotions, experiences, intuition and dreams.

You can imagine a container of any kind – a special place on the planet that you love, or a place you’ve never been. It can be a meadow, or a mountain or a room decorated with your favorite things. It just needs to be big enough to hold your dreams!

For the rest of December (or beyond, if you’d like), simply go to your container and charge up your Talisman!

We’ll bring in more layers next week!

And remember: in all things – progress, not perfection!

Love and light, Maggie


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